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Our Farm

Millbank Farm is a sixth generation family farm in Killinchy, County Down. We grow vegetables from swedes to squash, from carrots to kale. As well as vegetables we also keep sheep, broiler chickens and Highland cows and have a farm shop.

Committed to sustainability

We farm the land in a sympathetic way, and take every opportunity to enhance the local biodiversity of the countryside. Some of our environmental initiatives include:

Our Farm — Millbank Farm

Tree planting

We've planted 14 acres of coppies, hedgerows and mixed variety hedges, offering enhanced habitats for the local flora and fauna.

Our Farm — Millbank Farm

Seeding wild flowers

Wild flowers offer a pollinator mix for bees, as well as creating a beautiful splash of colour for passers by to enjoy – we have planted five acres in recent years.

Our Farm — Millbank Farm

Keeping livestock

To create higher organic matter in our soils, we keep livestock on the farm for grazing, rotate our crops, and spread organic manure.

Our Farm — Millbank Farm

Installing bat boxes

We have installed bat boxes – offering habitats for the protected species in the local area.

Our Farm — Millbank Farm

Laying crop netting

Innovative netting is used to cover some of our crops. This covers the sprouting plants, forming a microclimate – which aids growth and deters insects without the need for unnecessary pesticides.

Our Farm — Millbank Farm

Orchard planting

Our plum and apple orchards provide habitats for bullfinches.